Errol Holder T10 Classic, Results, Scores, Points

Bridgetown, Barbados, October 26 - ( - Summarised scores and results of play in the inaugural A&A Auto Parts Errol Holder Ten10 Classic at Eden Lodge on October 25:

Wellington Catlin Zone

Ricky’s Driving School X1 beat Cupid Cavaliers by 8 runs.

Ricky’s Driving School X1 89-6 (10 overs) (Rashad Forde 31, Levi Cadogan 16, Shanaldo Taylor 12, Jalani Lewis 11; Devon Davson 2-18).

Cupid Cavaliers 81-7 (10 overs) (Akani McCollin 36 not out, Khadafi Cummins 14, Kwesi Perry 12; Deswin Currency 2-12, Winston Harry 2-19).

Toss: Ricky’s Driving School X1.

Pro Sales Player of the Match: Rashad Forde.

Midas Magic Moment of the Match: Deswin Currency.

Umpires: James Lewis, Ramond Taitt.

Scorer: Shanice Worrell.

Points: Ricky’s Driving School X1 2, Cupid Cavaliers 0.


Harcourt Griffith Zone

Rescheduled Match 1: Malvern beat Harcourt Griffith Strikers by eight wickets.

Harcourt Griffith Strikers 92-7 (10 overs) (Shian Brathwaite 40, Kamal Sealy 23, Omar Marshall 11 not out; Ryan Layne 2-10, Kirsten Odaine 2-14).

Malvern 96-2 (8.2 overs) (Ryan Layne 32 not out, Damar Graham 29 not out, Javed Forde 26).

Toss: Malvern.

Pro Sales Player of the Match: Ryan Layne.

Midas Magic Moment of the Match: Shian Brathwaite.

Umpires: Ayana Holder, Jonathan Blades.

Scorer: Shanice Worrell.

Points: Malvern 2, HG Strikers 0.



WC Zone: Errol Holder Stars 4 (2), Ricky’s Driving School X1 2 (1), Cupid Cavaliers 0 (2), Dream Cutz X1 0 (1).

HG Zone: Malvern 2, Ramppart Inc. 1, C.R.B. 1, HG Strikers 0.


Sunday, November 1

Harcourt Griffith Zone– C.R.B. v Harcourt Griffith Strikers - 12.30 p.m.

Wellington Catlin Zone – Ricky’s Driving School X1 v Errol Holder Stars - 2.30 p.m.

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