August 13, 2019



After the completion of two series of matches in the 2019 Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) Elite Division, the standings (Team-Points) are as follows: 

Wildey-40; Empire-38; Wanderers-26; Carlton-21; Spartan-18; BDFSP-12; Barbados Youth-9; Gladiola-8; UWI-7; St. Catherine-4

The BCA’s Board of Directors met recently to deliberate on the outcome of the Wildey vs UWI Series One Elite Division match which was contested at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute (SJPI) cricket venue on July 6, 2019. UWI forfeited the match when their team did not take the field after the tea interval.

In determining the number of points each team would receive in the circumstances, the Board’s attention was drawn to Regulations 9.15.2 (b) and 10.1.1 (k) in the 2019 BCA Special Conditions and Regulations of Play which state:

Regulation 9.15.2 (b)

“A team which forfeits a match shall not receive any points, however, its opponents shall be awarded match points only as follows:

i. Elite and First Divisions – Twelve (12) match points

ii. All other Divisions – Eight (8) match points.”

Regulation 10.1.1 (k)

“Where a team forfeits a match that team shall lose any points which it may have already gained in the match and the opposing side shall be awarded twelve (12) points.”

According to these two Regulations the winner of the match (Wildey in this case) would receive only 12 points for the match instead of the intended 20 full match points.

The obvious errors in these two Regulations have been amended by the Board to reflect an allocation of 20 points to the opponents of the team which forfeits the match in the Elite or First Division.

However, in accordance with Regulation 12 of the 2019 BCA Special Conditions and Regulations of Play which states:

“The Board of Directors of the BCA reserves the right to award points to any team meriting same or penalise any team by deduction of points and/or fines for breaches of any of the Laws or Special Conditions and Regulations under which its competitions are played irrespective of whether or not the matter is brought up by interested parties.”

the Board has awarded 20 points to Wildey in the Series One Elite Division match against UWI and this is reflected in the above-mentioned list.

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