Carlton, Spartan to battle for last berth in quarter-finals of BCA Super Cup

Bridgetown, Barbados, June 22 - ( - Just one place is now up for grabs in the quarter-finals of the BCA Super Cup Championship following the eighth and penultimate round of the preliminaries.

As fate would have it, only two teams - Carlton and Spartan - are in contention for that berth and co-incidentally, they clash at Desmond Haynes Oval on June 29.

The confirmed teams in the last eight, set for July 7, are defending champions Sagicor Life UWI (26 points), Wildey (26), CounterPoint Wanderers (20), IGS Insurance Brokers Yorkshire (18) from Zone ‘A’; Empire (22), Gladiola (22) and Bayview Hospital YMPC (20) from Zone ‘B. (See points below).

Last year’s finalists YMPC booked their place after beating Spartan by 50 runs at Beckles Road, while Carlton kept their hopes alive with a 44-run victory over rock-bottom Nicholls Baking Combermere at Desmond Haynes, condemning the school team to their sixth defeat, while failing to win a match.

Both Carlton and Spartan are on 18 points but in the event of the match ending in an abandonment or no result, record eight-time champions Spartan will advance on account of more outright wins. (NB: Both Carlton and Spartan have four wins but one of Carlton’s was by default against Barbados Youth at The Lodge School, Society in Series 5 when the pitch was not prepared).

According to the General Rules of the Competition, 3 (e) states: In the event of teams finishing on equal points in their respective Zones, the highest placed team will be the team with: (1) The most wins in the zonal competition (matches won by default shall not be considered when determining the number of outright wins).

There is no need to go further as far as that rule is concerned.

POINTS (with matches in brackets):

ZONE A - UWI 26 (7), Wildey 26 (7), Wanderers 20 (7), Yorkshire 18 (8), Maple 12 (7), Pickwick 8 (7), St. Catherine 8 (7), Lords 8 (7), BDFSP 2 (7).

ZONE B - Empire 22 (7), Gladiola 22 (7), YMPC 20 (7), Spartan 18 (7), Carlton 18 (7), Police 10 (7), Foundation 10 (8), Barbados Youth 6 (7), Combermere 2 (7).



Maple v Pickwick at Trents; St. Catherine v BDFSP at Bayfield; Wanderers v Lords at Dayrells Road; UWI v Wildey at 3Ws Oval. BYE: Yorkshire.

ZONE B - Barbados Youth v Police at Harrison College, Crumpton Street ‘A’; YMPC v Gladiola at Beckles Road; Empire v Combermere at Bank Hall; Carlton v Spartan at Desmond Haynes Oval. BYE: Foundation.

Quarters-finals: July 7 (Reserve day, August 11)

Semi-finals: August 24 (Reserve day, August 25)

Final - August 31 (Reserve day, September 1)

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