By Rollins Howard

The Barbados Cricket Association was established in 1933 by an Act of Parliament.  The precursor to this Association was the Barbados Cricket Challenge Cup Committee which was formed in 1892 creating for the first time a set of rules organizing cricket in Barbados

Prior to this, however, as far back as 1865 inter-colonial cricket matches had been organized and in the ensuing years teams from British Guiana , neighbouring islands and the United States visited Barbados to engage local teams in cricket.

This was probably the beginning of the Sports/Tourism concept.

In 1891 a tri-nation tournament was played between teams from Barbados , Trinidad and British Guiana and this is what ultimately led to the formation of the Barbados Cricket Challenge Cup Committee.

Of the seven (7) teams which participate in the inaugural season in 1892, four (4) are still competing today – Lodge, Harrison College , Pickwick and Wanderers.

From this small beginning the cricket fraternity has grown to such an extent that there are now 128 teams representing 82 Clubs participating in the BCA’s Competitions.

Cricket in Barbados has grown beyond being a mere past-time and those who excel can look forward to substantial rewards. A career in cricket is now an option which did not exist before and great opportunities have been opened for above-average players.

The traditional domestic season now begins in May and concludes in December, the regional first-class season runs from January to March and the international season begins in March and now extends through June.  There is no longer a “cricket season” as we knew it before.

The Barbados Cricket Association organizes cricket from the level of Under-13 Juniors to Test matches which it coordinates on behalf of the West Indies Cricket Board.

From its earliest days Barbados has been renowned for the quality and calibre of its cricketers and names like Challenor, Martindale, Weekes, Sobers, Hall are by-words wherever cricket is discussed.

Our teams have been dominant in regional cricket having won the regional championship on more than one occasion than any other country and this same prowess has been transferred into the West Indies team.

’ reputation for excellence in cricket and as a cricketing destination annually attracts many visiting teams to our shores.

Test matches, especially against England and Australia bring several thousand visitors to Barbados.


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