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Date Published: 2019-11-21 

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Second Division

BCA Division 2 semi-finals set for November 23, 24

Bridgetown, Barbados, November 21 - (www.bcacricket.org) - Conrad Hunte will oppose Cupid Cavaliers at KMV Oval, Lakes in St. Andrew and Carlton meet Crane Resort St. Catherine at Market Hill, St. George in the semi-finals of the 2019 BCA Division 2 Championship on November 23 and 24.

The Final is slated for December 1, 7 & 8 at Queen’s Park in the City.

Play starts at 12.30 p.m. on each day in both the semi-finals and Final.

A draw took place at the BCA secretariat on Wednesday, November 20 to determine the match-ups.

Carlton won Zone A with 66 points, Conrad Hunte - Zone B (73 points), Cupid Cavaliers - Zone C (71 points), while St. Catherine were second in Zone B (71 points; NB:(Advanced by virtue of being the second placed team with the highest average number of points per match - 6.364) ).

Clubs are reminded that in accordance to Regulation (Letters b, e, g & h) in the 2019 BCA Special Conditions, the following shall apply:

b) The teams to contest the Final shall be determined by semi-final playoffs between the respective zone winners and the team, which in any of the respective zones, attains the highest number of points for the second position (e.g. if the team in Zone "A" in 2nd position totals 60 points, the team in 2nd position in Zone "B" totals 58 points, and the team in Zone "C" totals 56 points, then the team to qualify for the 4th semi-final position shall be the team finishing 2nd in Zone "A")

e) The two semi-finalists who have come from the same zone will be placed at opposite ends of the draw.

g) Where the zones do not have the same number of teams the fourth team shall be the team which has the highest average number of points per match.

h) Matches won by default or which ended in “no decision” shall not be included in the calculation.

Regulation (letters I & J) further states:

i) In the event of a “No Decision” in the semi-finals, the team which has recorded the greater number of outright wins during the season shall be the winner.

j) Failing this, the team which has the higher net runs per wicket ratio during the season shall be the winner.


ZONE A - Carlton 66, Maxwell 61, Benson Mini Mart Melbourne 60, Market Hill 57, Counterpoint Wanderers 45,

Roberts Manufacturing Sheffield 40, Prison Officers 32, Standard 30, Wibix 30, Passage United 13, BRC 11, Iris Walker Pioneers 2.

ZONE B - Conrad Hunte 73, Crane Resort St. Catherine 71, Dover 69, Benfica 50, Lords 46, Transport Board 40,

Wotton 33, St. John Cultural 32, North Stars 29, Central 29, Amaze Queen’s College 21, Buffy’s Mini Mart De Action Shop Inch Valley 20, QEH 4.

ZONE C - Cupid Cavaliers 71, BDF 64, BNOC 51, Ipswich 46, Police 43, Brereton 39, King’s Park 35, Mapp West 28,

Empire 27, Malvern 27, Pickwick 20, Melrose 10, Windward 6.

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Date Published 2019-11-21
Division Second Division

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