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Keith Holder

Inside the BCA Super Cup

with Keith Holder

Date Published: 2019-08-30 

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BCA Super Cup

Wildey without Brathwaite but Jordan, Aaron Jones, McCaskie in side for Super Cup Final v Wanderers

Bridgetown, Barbados, August 30 - (www.bcacricket.org) - Despite the absence of Carlos Brathwaite, the West Indies Twenty20 captain and experienced One-Day International (ODI) all-rounder, title-starved Wildey have warmly welcomed back United States of America (USA) batting all-rounder Aaron Jones and Barbados Under-23 batsman Zachary McCaskie to their team for the BCA Super Cup Final against Wanderers at 3Ws Oval on Saturday, August 31.

Inspirational fast bowler Akeem Jordan is also in the side as Wildey (formerly known as Banks for donkey years and later Banks Wildey in 2013 and Wildey from 2014) seek to win the island’s top one-day title for the first time since 1979 - their only success under leg-spinning all-rounder Colin Burke (now deceased) in an era when they contested five Finals in six seasons.

Their other Finals were in 1976, 1978, 1980 and 1981. Hence, a gap of 38 years before reaching the big stage again must be very special, especially if they attain silverware.

Brathwaite and Jordan, who were standout players for Combined Campuses & Colleges (CCC) last season when they captured the West Indies 50-over Championship for the first time with Brathwaite as captain, both played in last Saturday’s commanding 96-run win semi-final over a weakened Empire (missing five regular players) at Bank Hall, after delaying their flight by 24 hours to join St. Kitts & Nevis Patriots in preparation for the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), which starts September 4.

But while Brathwaite, who is captain of St. Kitts & Nevis Patriots has remained in Basseterre to shoulder responsibilities, Wildey managed to secure the services of Jordan, who is also no slouch with the bat.

Aaron Jones, who represented the USA against Canada in a 15-run win for the latter in the ICC T20 World Cup Americas Region Final at White Hill Field, Sandys Parish in Hamilton last Saturday, has been one of the keys to Wildey’s advance in the Super Cup this season.

In five matches, he has 217 runs including one century and one half-century, at an average of 54.25, which is the healthiest for his team.

McCaskie, who was in Dominica with the national Under-23 team on a one-week tour, has also had a fairly decent season in the Super Cup, scoring 225 runs (ave: 32.14).

Speaking in a live interview on the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio 94.7 FM last Saturday after Wildey’s win, Brathwaite praised the camaraderie of the Wildey team as he remained optimistic that they can end the long title drought.

“I have looked from afar, having not been home much to be around the team, but being in the group chat and watching the guys progress, they work very, very hard. It is a very good young team, they stick together on and off the field, they gel together, they party together, they train hard together and they have come close in previous years to quarter-finals, semi-finals, so it is just a treat to be here to see them reach the Final and to carry on the legacy that Winston Reid and the likes would have left,” Brathwaite said.

He explained why he used his influence in asking the management of the St. Kitts & Nevis Patriots to allow himself and Jordan to delay their flight to play in the match against Empire in which Brathwaite scored 34 in a total of 242 for five off 50 overs and picked up one wicket for 33 runs in his first local domestic match since 2017, while Jordan was the leading wicket-taker with three for 21 off 5.2 overs.

“Influence I guess, but travelling to St. Kitts for a camp and with all due respect to the camp and the players, it is always special to play in a semi-final and one extra game under our belt I guess would do us a lot more than just a practice day in St. Kitts, so I asked politely. I didn’t really throw my weight around. I asked politely if we could stay on for the extra day.

“The schedule has that this evening (last Saturday) we were supposed to travel and tomorrow would have been a light day anyway so we got cricket in and I think that is more beneficial than just a net session and Akeem was actually very, very willing and that speaks volumes for him.

“Obviously it is easy to say first CPL pick (for Jordan), I am going to run and go to the CPL but to want to stay home and fight with the guys he has been with all season and to want to contribute and help them get to a Final says a lot about him and his character. So yes, congrats to him. He also did well in the game with the ball.

“I think the club means a lot to me. I would have come under “Flash” (Michael Maynard), Barry Callender and Winston Reid and I know the year that we had in 2007 when we won (the First division Championship, now known as the Elite division since 2012).

“I know how it brought the team and the club and persons together off the field, and I see a lot of that in this team this year, albeit a lot younger guys, but they do everything together and the sort of camaraderie that they show on and off the field, the sort of way that they push each other on and off the field is very commendable, so again anything that I can do to push the presence of the club and try to get it as far as possible, I am more than willing to do,” Brathwaite said.

Seven of the 13-man Wildey squad for the Final - captain Carlos Maynard, the unrelated Joneses - Aaron and Jerome, Zachary McCaskie, Steve Pinder, Pius Emilien and Latrell Callender - come from a background of representing Foundation School, of which England new fast bowling sensation Jofra Archer is also a proud product, as well as a member of Wildey.

Emilien, a slim left-arm orthodox spinner, is the leading wicket-taker in the Super Cup Championship this season with 22 scalps at 8.55 runs apiece with a miserly economy rate of just 2.38, while Jordan has 15 wickets (Ave: 11.07; ER: 3.92).

In the other semi-final last Saturday, Wanderers upset last year’s champions Sagicor Life UWI by three wickets at 3Ws Oval.

All-rounders Roshon Primus and Raymon Reifer - two of six players with first-class experience in the Wanderers 13-man squad (the others are captain and fast bowling all-rounder Kevin McClean, opening Shayne Moseley, leg-spinner Nikolai Charles and fast bowler Shakeem Clarke) - played key roles in the victory.

Primus, with his medium-pace, was the leading wicket-taker with four for 35 off 6.1 overs as UWI were bowled out for 171 in 35.1 overs after winning the toss, and then with Wanderers tottering on eight for three after four overs and 35 for four in the 11th over, he counter-attacked in a memorable fifth wicket stand of 102 in 18 overs with left-hander Reifer before Wanderers triumphed with as many as 10.5 overs to spare.

Having celebrated his 24th birthday on August 14, the strongly-built Primus blasted the topscore of 81 off 79 balls with nine fours and two sixes, while 28-year-old Barbadian Reifer, who plays for Guyana Jaguars and has turned out in one Test and two ODIs for West Indies, was unbeaten on 51 off 78 balls. He struck five fours.

It will be only the fourth Final for Wanderers following 1983, 1993 and 2017, which was their only title success when they beat St. Catherine by 93 runs at the Windward Club ground, Lucas Street.

Left-hander Moseley will have fond memories of that match as he scored a century (101), becoming only the fourth batsman to hit a ton in the Final.

The major BCA limited overs Tournament started as a knockout in 1972 under the banner of Derrick Robins and was contested for three seasons before Barbados Fire & General (later known as Barbados Fire & Commercial and Sagicor General) took over the sponsorship from 1975 until 2015.

It has not been sponsored since.

The Championship was played as a 40-over from 1972 until 2000 before expanding to a 50-over, having moved from a straight knockout format to a round robin for the first time in 1995.

On August 11, 2004, Sagicor General Insurance unveiled the new Super Cup at La Careenage in Bridgetown.

The re-branding of Barbados Fire & Commercial to Sagicor General Insurance led to the company purchasing a new cup with ‘hand chased design’ made by Swatkins Silver Ware of Britain.

Teams (from):

Wildey - Carlos Maynard (captain), Shanaldo Taylor, Craig St.Hill, Zachary McCaskie, Shane Parris, Aaron Jones, Romario Greaves, Jerome Jones, Akeem Jordan, Steve Pinder, Pius Emilien, Kyle Sargeant, Latrell Callender.

Wanderers - Kevin McClean (captain), Shayne Moseley, Jason Greene, Ryshon Williams, Jonathan Drakes, Roshon Primus, Raymon Reifer, Diego Stuart, Ian Boyce, Jair McCallister, Nikolai Charles, Shakeem Clarke, Sylvester Moore.

Start: 10 a.m.

NB: Follow updates on www.bcacricket.org.

Document Author Keith Holder
Date Published 2019-08-30
Division BCA Super Cup
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Historical Batting Stats
Pos. Name (Club) MT I NO R HS AVE 100 50 Division
1. Carlos Brathwaite (Wildey) 1 1 1 44 44* 0.00 0 0 2017 Sagicor Twenty20
2. Carlos Brathwaite (Wildey) 2 3 1 171 143* 85.50 1 0 2015 Elite Division
3. Carlos Brathwaite (UWI) 1 2 0 27 27 13.50 0 0 2014 Elite Division
4. Carlos Brathwaite (UWI) 2 3 0 40 19 13.33 0 0 2012 Elite Division
5. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 4 4 0 56 32 14.00 0 0 2011 Sagicor Cup
6. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 1 1 0 3 3 3.00 0 0 2011 Sagicor Twenty20
7. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 8 13 0 524 132 40.31 1 3 2011 First Division
8. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 7 11 0 357 70 32.45 0 4 2010 First Division
9. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 1 1 0 19 19 19.00 0 0 2010 Sagicor Cup
10. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 7 12 0 232 42 19.33 0 0 2009 First Division
11. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 9 14 1 286 46 22.00 0 0 2008 First Division
12. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 7 7 0 284 105 40.57 1 1 2008 Sagicor Cup
13. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 10 19 2 550 106* 32.35 1 4 2007 Banks First Division
14. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 9 9 1 217 53* 27.13 0 1 2007 Sagicor Cup
15. Carlos Brathwaite (Bdos Youth) 6 9 0 301 106 33.44 1 1 2006 First Division
Historical Bowling Stats
Pos. Name (Club) MT O M R W AVE BB 5W 10W ER Tournament
1. Carlos Brathwaite (Wildey) 1 4.0 0 31 1 31.00 1-31 0 0 7.75 2017 Sagicor Twenty20
2. Carlos Brathwaite (Wildey) 2 32.0 8 93 2 13.00 1-22 0 0 2.90 2015 Elite Division
3. Carlos Brathwaite (UWI) 1 14.1 2 54 5 10.80 3-32 0 0 3.81 2014 Elite Division
4. Carlos Brathwaite (UWI) 2 36.1 11 57 10 5.70 4-22 0 0 1.57 2012 Elite Division
5. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 8 105.0 21 260 9 28.89 3-28 0 0 2.47 2011 First Division
6. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 1 4.0 0 21 1 21.00 1-21 0 0 5.25 2011 Sagicor Twenty20
7. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 4 21.0 2 75 3 25.00 2-17 0 0 3.57 2011 Sagicor Cup
8. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 1 4.0 0 10 0 0.00 0-0 0 0 2.50 2010 Sagicor Cup
9. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 7 161.1 36 421 17 24.76 4-47 0 0 2.61 2010 First Division
10. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 7 84.0 18 236 11 21.45 4-40 0 0 2.81 2009 First Division
11. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 7 43.2 2 220 6 36.67 3-40 0 0 6.41 2008 Sagicor Cup
12. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 9 144.3 26 531 27 19.67 7-27 1 0 3.67 2008 First Division
13. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 9 29.4 3 154 5 30.80 5-21 0 1 5.19 2007 Sagicor Cup
14. Carlos Brathwaite (Banks) 10 90.2 11 425 17 25.00 3-17 0 0 4.70 2007 Banks First Division
15. Carlos Brathwaite (Bdos Youth) 6 75.0 5 355 9 39.44 2-12 0 0 4.73 2006 First Division
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