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Date Published: 2019-03-06 

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BCA sets the record straight

Bridgetown, Barbados, March 6 - (www.bcacricket.org) - This statement is provided to set the record straight, given recent publications in the local and regional media concerning the position of the Board of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) with respect to the upcoming elections for President and Vice President of Cricket West Indies (CWI) and which appear to question the integrity of the BCA.

On January 25, 2019, the BCA received notification from CWI of the planned 20th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of that Company, scheduled for March 24, 2019. The agenda revealed that elections of a President and Vice President for the period 2019 – 2021 would take place at the meeting. Further, the BCA was invited to nominate two representatives to attend (and vote) at the meeting.

Coincidentally, earlier in the month of January, 2019 the Membership and Special Events Committee of the BCA had held some meetings to make plans for a Quarterly Meeting of Members and had decided to extend an invitation to Mr. Ricky Skerritt to address the members on February 15, 2019 on the topic “ West Indies Cricket – Business , Sport or Politics? ”, without any prior communication from Mr. Skerritt of his intention to seek nomination and or support from the BCA in respect of the upcoming CWI elections for the position of President. The chairman of the committee communicated this decision to the Directors of the BCA’s Board on January 30, 2019.

Subsequently, it became known, albeit unofficially, to some Directors, that Mr. Skerritt had indicated his intention to contest the election for the position of President of CWI at its 20th AGM.

An emergency meeting of the BCA’s Board was convened on February 2, 2019 to discuss (1) the BCA’s position with respect to CWI’s elections and (2) the Quarterly Meeting of Members. Seven (7) directors were present at the meeting and the other two directors were out of the island. With respect to CWI’s elections, there was majority support for the incumbents, Messrs. Cameron and Nanthan. With regards to the Quarterly Meeting of Members, the Board agreed that since Mr. Skerritt was now contesting the CWI elections it would be inappropriate for the BCA to extend an invitation to him to address members on the topic “West Indies Cricket – Business, Sport or Politics?” on the date intended by the committee.

It must also be stated that the Board did not finalize its position with respect to its support for Messrs. Cameron and Nanthan at that time because it was an emergency meeting and there was consensus that all of the directors should be afforded the opportunity to share their views on this matter.

The Board agreed that with the deadline for nominations for President and Vice President of CWI being February 24, 2019, the decision on nominations would be delayed until the regular monthly meeting of the Board on February 12, 2019 and that Mr Skerritt would be invited to address the members on the decided topic after the CWI elections.

On February 7, 2019 Mr. Skerritt sent (by email) a letter and CV directly to the Directors of the BCA’s Board soliciting their support and requesting an opportunity to address them. On February 11, 2019 the Directors received a letter and CV (by email) from Dr. Shallow also soliciting their support.

On February 12, 2019, at its Regular Meeting, the Board of the BCA, by majority vote agreed to support the nomination of Mr. Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron and Ambassador Emmanuel Nanthan, the incumbents, as President and Vice President, respectively, at the upcoming CWI elections, based on satisfaction that some key measures put in place during the tenure of the incumbents were producing positive results. For example:

1. Introduction of a Regional Professional League comprising six territorial franchise teams playing in a Regional Four (4) Day Competition, and a 50 Overs Super Cup Competition, and establishment of a CWI/Players professional contracts system involving 90 players (15 players per territory);

2. Maintenance and improvement of contracts for senior male and female players based on performance;

3. Enforcement of fitness standards for all contracted players;

4. The Senior Men’s and Women’s teams have become increasingly competitive in the ICC competition arena;

5. Improvement of relations with the West Indies Players’ Association (WIPA). There has been no industrial conflict between CWI and WIPA for the past four (4) years. The legal fees in respect of conflicts with WIPA which was costing CWI approximately US$1.5M annually have been reduced to zero;

6. Acquisition of Coolidge Ground, St. John’s Antigua for the establishment of a High Performance Centre/Cricket Academy;

7. New sponsorship partners have been attracted, and the financial proceeds from ICC to CWI have increased from US$84M to US$128M, to be paid over a four (4) year cycle; and

8. The Media Rights holders/consultants have confirmed that CWI Media Rights marketability has heightened due to improved performance of the men’s senior team.

At the Board Meeting of February 12, 2019, the Board agreed that a request to address the Board of the BCA from any candidate who receives a proposer and seconder for nomination will be entertained.

Finally, it has never been the practice by, or an obligation of, the BCA to invite or make arrangements for or facilitate any candidate vying for the position of President or Vice President of CWI to address Members or the Board of the BCA and the same applies to the BCA’s own elections.


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Date Published 2019-03-06
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