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Date Published: 2019-02-22 

Summary: MOU Signing

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BCA signs MOU with Argentine Cricket Association

NB-originally posted on February 22, 2019



Yesterday morning (Thursday February 21) the Presidents of the Barbados and Argentine Cricket Associations signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to underpin the development of what is ‘hoped will become a long-term partnership’ between the two associations.

Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) President Condé Riley and his counterpart Hernan Pereyra, President of the Argentine Cricket Association (ACA) both expressed delight at the opportunities the MOU will bring to both countries. The Presidents communicated their intention to establish specific, measurable objectives as they move to operationalise the relationship between the two entities.

Indicated areas of collaboration within the MOU include, inter alia:

• Staging of joint seminars and conferences on cricket development

• Staging of coaching courses; and

• Research

In reiterating his country’s commitment to the emergent relationship with Barbados, His Excellency Gustavo Pandiani, Ambassador of the Republic of Argentina, articulated a vision for the collaboration where Argentina would benefit from Barbados’ long-established cricketing legacy. Although Argentina is currently the top ranked cricket nation in South America, their vision is to further establish themselves in the International Cricket Council’s global ranking of associate nations.

BCA Director Roland Butcher, who travelled to Argentina late last year, opined that the eventual invitational participation of Argentine teams in regional competition is not far-fetched, given the previous involvement of Bermuda, another ICC Associate Member. Mr. Butcher stated that the agreement demonstrates Barbados’ significant commitment to the development of the game, in a tangible way, as Cricket West Indies (CWI) has been tasked with the developmental responsibility of the sport in the Americas.

In closing, Chief Executive Officer of the BCA, Dr. Roland Toppin reaffirmed the Association’s commitment to fomenting the development of the game all round and welcomed the opportunity for Barbados to expand its own national sport development thrust through the initiatives that will be conceptualized within the agreement.


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