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Date Published: 2019-02-21 

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BCA, ACA sign Memorandum of Understanding

Bridgetown, Barbados, February 21 - (www.bcacricket.org) - Following is a release relating to a Memorandum of Understanding between the Barbados Cricket Association and Argentina Cricket Association at a Press conference at Kensington Oval today:

The Barbados Cricket Association hereinafter referred to as (“BCA”) and the Argentina Cricket Association, hereinafter referred to as (“ACA”) wish to engage in cooperative programmes.

Purpose of Memorandum

The purpose of this Memorandum is to underpin the development of what is hoped will become a long-term partnership between BCA and ACA.

It therefore sets out matters of agreed principle and policy, reflecting the spirit of co-operation between BCA and ACA, but it is not intended to be legally binding. BCA and ACA may, but are not obliged to enter into separate formal legally binding agreements in relation to their various joint activities, which will fully document the rights and obligations on each side.

Aims of the Joint Activity

The area of cooperation shall include, subject to mutual consent, any activity or programme considered desirable and feasible on either side to foster and develop the cooperative relationship between the two institutions.


The collaboration shall be carried out, subject to availability of funds and the approval of each institution, through such programmes or activities as:

a) Research.

b) Staging of joint seminars, conferences on Cricket development.

c) Staging of coaching courses

d) Access to BCA Sporting facilities for team/ individual testing, rehabilitation, hosting of matches, preparation camps, subject to availability.

e) Funding proposals.

The terms of such collaboration and the necessary budget/fees for each programme and activity shall be mutually discussed and agreed upon in writing by both parties prior to the initiation of the particular programme or activity, and such programmes and activities shall be negotiated on a mutual basis.

Each institution will designate a coordinator to develop and implement specific activities or programmes.

Principles of joint developments

BCA and ACA agree to:

a) Ensure that all activity is conducted in an orderly manner, reflects the strengths of the parties, and where possible is complementary, drawing on their respective missions.

b) Take part in activities that reflect efficiency in development and implementation and meet high standards of quality and excellence.

c) Collaborate on the development of players and coaches.

d) Utilize the same technical and scientific equipment and personnel that would be used by the Everton Weekes Centre of Excellence Program for Argentina Players.

e) Facilitate the awarding of cricket scholarships to qualifying players who wish to attend the Everton Weekes Centre of Excellence programme at Kensington Oval.

f) Collaborate on the hosting of bilateral or multilateral competitive matches and the exchange of players and coaches.

g) Allow the annual participation of elite Argentina players Male and Female, in BCA Club Championship tournaments commencing in 2019, as part of the development of the sport and building of national elite players.


Neither BCA nor ACA may use the other’s name or logo without specific written permission.

Nothing in this Memorandum is intended to or shall be deemed to establish an exclusive relationship between the parties or to restrict any activities that either party would otherwise be able to undertake. Nothing in this Memorandum is intended to or shall be deemed to establish any partnership or joint venture between the parties or constitute any party as an agent of the other party.

Effective Date and Length of Agreement

This Memorandum of Understanding will remain in force for a period of three (3) years subject to the availability of funds, and any amendment and/or modification of the Memorandum of Understanding will require written approval of the chief administrative officer of each contracting institution and shall be appended hereto. After the initial three (3) year period, this Agreement may be reviewed and renewed by mutual consent.

Either party reserves the right to terminate this MOU upon one month’s written notice to the other.

This Memorandum of Understanding shall take effect when signed by each side:


Authorised Signatory for Barbados Cricket Association


Mr Conde Riley




Authorised Signatory for Argentina Cricket Association

Mr Hernan Pereyra




Authorised Signatory for Ambassador of Argentina to Barbados


Mr Gustavo Martinez Pandiani




Document Author bcacricket.org
Date Published 2019-02-21
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