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Date Published: 2017-11-03 

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North Stars, Isolation Cavaliers Intermediate division match remains as a draw

Bridgetown, Barbados, November 3 - (www.bcacricket.org) - The Barbados Cricket Association’s Complaints and Disputes Committee met on Tuesday, October 17 to hear a complaint arising from the Intermediate division Zone D match between North Stars Cultural & Social Club and Isolation Cavaliers Sports Club at Crab Hill, St. Lucy on May 6, 13 & 14, 2017.

The committee noted that North Stars Cultural & Social Club failed to cover the pitch but accepted that this was as a result of torrential rain the previous day, while preparation was on going for a game on that day, Friday May 12.

As a result, this failure fell within the exception provided in Rule 2 as an Act of God.

Accordingly, the points earned by each team in the game stand as in the drawn match.

Document Author bcacricket.org
Date Published 2017-11-03
Division Intermediate

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