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Date Published: 2017-10-11 

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BCA 40-over Shield

BRC to meet Windward in BCA Shield Final

Bridgetown, Barbados, October 11 - (www.bcacricket.org) - BRC will now oppose Windward in the Final of the BCA Shield 40-over Tournament at Foursquare Oval on Sunday, October 15.

This follows a protest lodged by BRC against Barbados Fire Service (BFS) who won the semi-final match by two wickets at Dayrells Road on October 1.

It was alleged that a player who represented BFS in the match was not transferred from his previous Club.

On investigation of the said matter, the BCA found that the player was indeed not transferred.

Regulation 14 paragraph 7 states:- Any Club or School which plays a player who has not been registered shall forfeit any games in which that player participated whilst he was not registered or whilst he was ineligible. In such cases the opposing team shall be awarded full points.

Therefore, BFS has forfeited the match under review.

Please note that Regulation 15 further states:-

Any player who wishes to be transferred from the Club for which he was previously registered must apply to the BCA through his Club for the transfer. The BCA will in turn record the transfer and confirm to the transferee Club that the transfer has been received and is in order.

All transfer forms must be in duplicate, signed by the Secretary of the Club and rubber-stamped with the name of the Club.

The onus will be on the transferor Club to ensure that the player has fulfilled all of his obligations.

Until such time as the completed transfer form is received by the BCA the player in question shall not be eligible to represent any other Club.

Any master or member of staff who leaves school during the season must also obtain a transfer from the school when joining a Club.

No club shall frustrate a player’s desire to transfer to another Club once all the requirements have been complied with.

Play in the Final starts at 11 a.m.

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Date Published 2017-10-11
Division BCA 40-over Shield

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