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Date Published: 2017-08-29 

Summary: Report, Scorecard

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Combermere set to grab BCA Under-15 title

Bridgetown, Barbados, August 29 - (www.bcacricket.org) - Nicholls Baking Combermere are set to dethrone rivals Foundation as champions of the BCA Under-15 Competition.

Faced with a first innings deficit of 84, Foundation closed a rain-shortened second day’s play of the three-day Final on 68 for four off 33.1 overs in their second innings - still 16 runs in arrears - at Dayrells Road.

Opener and wicket-keeper Jamario St. Hill scored 51.

Off-spinner Tre Riley has two for 25 off 14.1 overs to follow up his first innings haul of four for 15, and left-arm spinner Shayon Blenman, two for 29 off 15 overs.

A wet bowlers’ run-up at the northern end, caused by rain, wiped out play in the pre-tea session.


FOUNDATION 1st Innings

+J. St. Hill c Riley b Callender-Green         16

A.Best c Leacock b S. Blenman                   2

J. Reifer c Scott b Riley                             21

L. Cox c Leacock b Riley                             5

*J. Forde lbw b Riley                                  0

T. Nurse b Riley                                         1

N. Sealy c wk Agard b Leacock                  12

N. Connell b Leacock                                  4

A. Watkins c Riley b Callender-Green         10

R. Smith not out                                        0

I. Folkes run out                                        0

Extras (w3, nb13)                                    16

TOTAL (all out, 26.3 overs)                       87

Fall of wickets: 1-6, 2-39, 3-47, 4-47, 5-51, 6-52, 7-68, 8-86, 9-86, 10-87.

Bowling: Roach 4-1-21-0 (w1, nb2), S. Blenman 7-1-16-1 (w1, nb1), Riley 7-1-15-4, Callender-Green 3.3-1-16-2 (nb6), Leacock 4-0-13-2 (nb4), Forde 1-0-6-0 (w1). 

COMBERMERE 1st Innings

N. Bolden c Connell b Nurse                     51

+R. Agard b Watkins                                 2

*J. Leacock st St. Hill b Folkes                  21

N. Forde c & b Nurse                               12

R. Roach c wk St. Hill b Sealy                   31

S. Blenman not out                                  27

C. Husbands-Forte b Smith                        2

D. Scott lbw b Smith                                 0

T. Riley not out                                         3

Extras (w20, nb2)                                   22

TOTAL (7 wks, 35 overs)                        171

Fall of wickets: 1-26, 2-78, 3-94, 4-94, 5-145, 6-154, 7-155.

Did not bat: J. Blenman, A. Callender-Green.

Bowling: Watkins 7-0-46-1 (w8,nb1), Forde 2-0-24-0, Sealy 6-1-28-1 (w4), Smith 2-0-8-2 (w1, nb1), Nurse 7-2-19-2 (w1), Folkes 7-0-16-1, Cox 4-0-30-0 (w5).

Position: Combermere lead by 84 runs on first innings with three wickets intact.

Umpires: Antonio Mayers, Lester Millington.

Reserve: Amal Reid.

FOUNDATION 2nd Innings

+J. St. Hill c & b Riley                             56

A. Best c J. Blenman b Riley                      4

J. Reifer b S. Blenman                              1

*J. Forde lbw S. Blenman                          3

L. Cox not out                                          3

Extras (nb1)                                            1

TOTAL (4 wks, 33.1 overs)                       68

Fall of wickets: 1-21, 2-38, 3-52, 4-68.

Bowling: S. Blenman 15-3-29-2, Roach 2-0-9-0, Riley 14.1-3-25-2, Leacock 2-1-5-0. 

Umpires: Antonio Mayers, Lester Millington.

Reserve: Amal Reid.

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Date Published 2017-08-29
Division Under-15

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