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Date Published: 2017-07-16 

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URGENT: Combermere, Barbados Youth punished for breaches in Super Cup matches

Bridgetown, Barbados, July 16 - (www.bcacricket.org) - Nicholls Baking Combermere and Barbados Youth have both been punished for contrasting reasons for breaching rules in the 2017 BCA Super Cup Championship.

As a result, both have lost matches against Carlton and ESA Field Pickwick respectively in Zone 'B', leaving the battle for the last quarter-final place in that zone intriguingly poised ahead of Series 9 on Sunday, July 16 (Please see full BCA release later in story)

Massy Stores Spartan on 26 points, Sagicor Life UWI (24) and CounterPoint Wanderers (22) have already secured their places in the last eight, slated for August 20.

Prior to a BCA Media release on Saturday, July 15, just after 5:30 p.m., the outcome of matches involving the penalised teams (Carlton v Combermere at Desmond Haynes Oval on May 13 - Series 1) and Barbados Youth v Pickwick at Lodge 'A', Society on July 2 - Series 8) had been listed as "no-results", thus giving each side two points.

In the circumstances, Carlton and Pickwick would have been on 14 points each, and along with Home Improvement & Hardware Supplies Maple, on ten points, were all in with a mathematical chance of gaining the last place.

Now Carlton and Pickwick have moved to 16 points, eliminating Maple.

Carlton are opposing Maple at Trents, while Pickwick clash with UWI at 3Ws Oval.

There is also intrigue in Zone 'A' for the last quarter-final berth.

Defending champions YMPC, who have finished on 22 points, ICBL Empire (20) and Crane Resort St. Catherine (20) have reached the last eight.

Mathematically, battling for that last position are Police (14), Yorkshire, BDFSP and MTW, who are all on 12.

Police meet BDFSP at Paragon, Yorkshire oppose school side Foundation at Church Hill and MTW face St. Catherine at Bayfield.

Following is the BCA release on July 15, under the heading of 2017 BCA SUPER CUP RULINGS:

The Barbados Cricket Association has concluded its investigations into to two (2) outstanding matters in the BCA Super Cup 50-over tournament.

Below are the rulings related to these two (2) issues:

(1) Carlton v Nicholls Baking Combermere at Desmond Haynes Oval (Zone B Series 1 match on May 13, 2017)

Following the selection and announcement of the Barbados Youth squad, three players namely Dante Niles, Shian Brathwaite and Shakkae Marshall represented Combermere School in the above-mentioned fixture.

As a result Combermere School has been found to be in breach of Rule 18 (a) paragraph 5 which states ‘Where a player is selected to represent the Barbados Youth in any BCA administered domestic competition but instead plays for his school, all points gained by that said school in that series shall be forfeited’

Allocation of points to Teams: Carlton 4 points, Combermere School 0 points

(2) Barbados Youth v ESA Field Pickwick at The Lodge School (Zone B, Series 8 match on July 2, 2017)

Despite the poor state of the existing covers at the venue, the non-application of the covers to the pitch has resulted with Barbados Youth being in breach of Regulation 7 (a) which states:


(a) Elite and First Divisions

Law 11 shall apply except as in 6 (a) above.

The match pitch must be covered at least forty-eight (48) hours before the scheduled start of the first day’s play as well as at least forty-eight (48) hours before the scheduled continuation of the match. News Release 34/17 July 15, 2017

The Home Team shall be responsible for ensuring that the covers are properly applied and removed.

Allocation of points to Teams: Pickwick 4 points, Barbados Youth 0 points .


POINTS (with matches in brackets):

ZONE A - YMPC 22 (8), Empire 20 (7), St. Catherine 20 (7), Police 14 (7), Yorkshire 12 (7), BDFSP 12 (7), MTW 12 (7), Foundation 8 (7), Gladiola 8 (7).

ZONE B - Spartan 26 (7), UWI 24 (7), Wanderers 22 (7), Carlton 16 (7), Pickwick 16 (7), Maple 10 (7), Wildey 8 (7), Combermere 4 (7), Barbados Youth 2 (8).

NB: Points in Zone B for Carlton, Pickwick, Combermere and Barbados Youth, were adjusted on July 15 following a BCA Media release on two rulings.



ZONE A - Empire v Gladiola at Bank Hall; St. Catherine v MTW at Bayfield; BDFSP v Police at Paragon; Foundation v Yorkshire at Church Hill. BYE: YMPC.

ZONE B - UWI v Pickwick at 3Ws Oval; Spartan v Wanderers at Queen's Park; Combermere v Wildey at Waterford 'A'; Maple v Carlton at Trents. BYE: Barbados Youth.





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