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Date Published: 2017-02-28 

Summary: Report, Scorecards

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Iris Walker Memorial Series

Whittaker Pride beaten twice in iris Walker Tournaments

Bridgetown, Barbados, February 28 - (www.bcacricket.org) - Pat Whittaker Pride lost in both the BCA Iris Walker Memorial one-day and Twenty20 Tournaments last weekend.

In the 50-over Competition, an unbroken fifth wicket partnership of 146 between veteran Pamela Lavine and Shanna Thompson propelled Angela Harris Tridents to a six-wicket at Brighton on Saturday, while UWI Blackbirds triumphed by ten wickets in the T20 Tournament at Ellerton on Sunday.

Chasing 233 to win in 50 overs, Lavine and Thompson came together with the score 87 for four in the 14th over and achieved the target by the 31st over as Pride took to the field with three players short.

Lavine, a former Barbados and West Indies Women's player, made an unbeaten 88 off 52 balls including 11 fours and one six, while the youthful Thompson scored 47 not out off 60 deliveries with six fours.

Lester Vaughan student Shaunte Carrington took two for 46.

Pride were bowled out for 232 in 45.3 overs.

Skipper Kyshonna Knight topscored with 89 not out off 84 balls including eight fours and one six, while opener Savyair Byron-Toney hit 54 off 88 balls with eight boundaries.

Keila Elliott was the pick of nine bowlers, taking three for 39.

Again with a depleted team on Sunday, Pride fell for a paltry 51 in 13.5 overs.

Kyshonna Knight was the only double-figure contributor with 11.

Shonna Evelyn took three for nine and Shanika Bruce, two for 17.

Blackbirds reached their target in only 4.1 overs as Barbados and West Indies Women's player Deandra Dottin lashed an unbeaten 42 off 17 balls with six fours and one six.

Reshelle Griffith scored 12 not out.




Savyair Byron-Toney c & b Kirton                   54   (88 balls, 8x4)

+Sherika K Lopez c Lavine b Matthews           18   (41 balls, 2x4)

*Kyshonna Knight not out                             89   (84 balls, 8x4, 1x6)

Nadia Rose-Hinds c Kirton b Lavine                 5   (8 balls, 1x4)

Shai Al Carrington c & b Elliott                        7   (12balls, 1x4)

Daisha Murphy c Kirton b Elliott                      0   (2 balls)

Shaunte As Carrington run out (Elliott)          14   (35 balls, 2x4)

Crystal Walcott c Scantlebury b Elliott             4   (5 balls)

Extras (b2, lb3, w34, nb2)                            41

TOTAL (all out, 45.3 overs)                         232

Fall of wickets: 1-53 (Sherika Lopez, 13.3 ov), 2-130 (Byron-Toney, 26), 3-141 (Hinds, 28.3), 4-173 (Shai Carrington, 33.2), 5-173 (Murphy, 33.4), 6-214 (Shaunte Carrington, 42.2), 7-232 (Walcott, 45.3).

Bowling: Thompson 5-1-14-0 (w1), Shalite Lopez 4-0-16-0 (w8), Gordon 2-0-11-0 (w1), Scantlebury 4-0-28-0 (w12), Matthews 10-2-48-1 (w4), Elliott 9.3-1-39-3 (w2), Kirton 4-0-24-1 (w1, nb2), Lavine 6-0-37-1 (w1), Welch 1-0-10-0 (w4).


Hayley Matthews lbw b Shaunte Carrington                      44   (39 balls, 4x4)

Keila Elliott lbw b Kys Knight                                            7    (10 balls, 1x4)

*+Kycia Ak Knight c Byron-Toney b Shaunte Carrington   19    (15 balls, 2x4)

Shanna Thompson not out                                             47   (60 balls, 6x4)

Alisa Scantlebury c Kys Knight b Hinds                            10   (9 balls, 1x4)

Pamela Lavine not out                                                   88   (52 balls, 11x4, 1x6)

Extra (w16, nb2)                                                          18

TOTAL (4 wks, 30.2 ovrs)                                             233

Fall of wickets: 1-23 (Elliott, 3.5 ov), 2-74 (Kyc Knight, 10.2), 3-74 (Matthews, 10.3), 4-87 (Scantlebury, 13.1).

Did not bat: Lana Butler, Allison Gordon, Shonise Kirton, Shalite Lopez, Taija Welch.

Bowling: Byron-Toney 6-0-53-0, Kys Knight 8-0-51-1 (w4), Shaunte Carington 6-0-46-2 (w7), Hinds 7-0-57-1 (w4, nb1), Murphy 3.2-0-26-0 (w1, nb1).

Result: Angela Harris Tridents won by six wickets.

Points: Tridents 4, Pride 0.

Toss: Pat Whittaker Pride

Umpires: Jeffrey Holder, Michael Matthews & Rodney Carter (Unofficial).

Scorers: Ayana Holder, Ashtyn Forde


Sixth and final series:

At 3Ws Oval, March 4:

UWI Blackbirds v Angela Harris Tridents, BYE: Pat Whittaker Pride.




Savyair Byron Toney c Dottin b Bruce                              0   (1ball)

+Sherika Lopez c Dottin b Evelyn                                   7   (15 balls, 1x4)

*Kyshonna Knight c Selman b Bruce                              11  (17 balls, 2x4)

Shai Carrington c Dottin b Evelyn                                    5   (14 balls, 1x4)

Felicia Jarvis not out                                                      8   (21 balls, 3x4, 1x6)

Shaunte Carrington b Evelyn                                          0   (3 balls)

Crystal Walcott c Evelyn b Small                                     4   (12 balls, 1x4)

Extras (b1, w15)                                                         16

TOTAL (all out, 13.5 overs)                                           51

Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Byron-Toney, 0.1 ov), 2-19 (Kys Knight, 4.2), 3-31 (SK Lopez, 7.2), 4-36 (Shai Carrington, 9.3), 5-36 (Shaunte Carrington, 10), 6-51 (Walcott, 13.5).

Bowling: Bruce 4-0-17-2 (w5), Small 3.5-0-14-1 (w2), Evelyn 3-1-9-3 (w3), Holder 2-0-10-0 (w5), Armstrong 1-1-0-0.


*Deandra Dottin not out                                               42    (17 balls, 6x4, 1x6)

Reshelle Griffith not out                                                12    (8 balls, 1x4)

TOTAL (0 wks, 4.1 overs)                                              54

Did not bat: Shanika Bruce, +Sade Clarke, Rashida Goring, Trishan Holder, Shakera Selman, Danielle Small, Charlene Taitt, Shonna Evelyn, Dawn-Marie Armstrong.

Bowling: Byron-Toney 1-0-18-0, Kys Knight 2-0-22-0, Shaunte Carrington 1.1-0-14-0.

Result: UWI Blackbirds won by ten wickets.

Points: Blackbirds 4, Pride 0.

Toss: UWI Blackbirds.

Umpires:Jeffrey Holder.

Scorer: Ashtyn Forde.

Sixth and final series :

At Brighton, March 5:

Angela Harris Tridents v UWI Blackbirds, BYE: Pat Whittaker Pride.

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Date Published 2017-02-28
Division Iris Walker Memorial Series
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