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Date Published: 2014-05-08 

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Deane, Durant honoured by BCA

Bridgetown, Barbados, May 8 - (www.bcacricket.org) - David Deane and Hugh Durant, both of whom played pivotal roles in the sponsorship of Barbados Cricket Association competitions and awards for many years, were honoured at the recent prize-giving ceremony at Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

Both were presented with appreciation awards.

Deane is a former President and Chief Executive Officer of Sagicor General Insurance Company, which sponsors three BCA tournaments - the Super Cup (50-over), Shield (40-over) and Twenty20, while Durant was Corporate Communications of Cave Shepherd & Co. Ltd, which sponsored the Five Cricketers of the Year for over three decades.

It was noted that in 1975 when Barbados Fire & General began their sponsorship of the BCA knockout competition, the secretary of the Organising Committee was a bubbling young Harrisonian named David Deane.

"From that humble beginning the Fire Cup, as it had come to be known, became the Barbados Fire and Commercial Cup, then the Sagicor General Insurance Inc Cup and as it now stands, the Sagicor General Super Cup.

"But that is not all. In 1976 the Barbados Fire & General Shield was born and went through a similar metamorphosis to the Fire Cup.

"Apart from brief hiatus when he was "borrowed" to head the fledgling Insurance Corporation of Barbados, David was with the Fire Cup committee and it is mainly through his persistence and dedication that the partnership between the BCA and the Fire Cup still survives today.

"It has not only survived but it in 2008 spawned the popular Sagicor Twenty20 competition, so there are now three Sagicor competitions.

"On September 30, 2013, David retired from Sagicor General Insurance Inc, as President and Chief Executive Officer, still bubbling and as a good friend of the BCA as he was in 1975.

"We wish him a long and happy retirement and salute him with our token of appreciation."

In relation to Durant, the BCA said that for the last 38 years, Cave Shepherd & Co. Ltd had presented awards to the Five Cricketers of the Year and the recipients became the toast of the ceremony.

"During this time the name Cave Shepherd became synonymous with Hugh Durant, the affable and ever-smiling Corporate Communications Manager of the Ideal Store on Broad Street.

"It is difficult to remember a time when Hugh was not present at our Awards Ceremony and it would seem most strange if he was not seated in the front row just waiting for the moment to make his presentations to the outstanding cricketers of the previous year.

"Hugh has now retired from Cave Shepherd after giving many years of faithful service and we shall sorely miss him. We could not, however, let him depart without presenting him with a token of appreciation by which to remember the many years which he has spent with us."

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Date Published 2014-05-08
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