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Date Published: 2014-03-20 

Summary: Report, Scorecard

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Small stars as Celebrities beat Barbados Blind by six runs to square series 1-1

Bridgetown, Barbados, March 20 - (www.bcacricket.org) - In the second warm-up practice match as the Barbados Blind Cricket Association (BBCA) completes its preparations before journeying to Guyana to compete in the Regional Blind Tournament from March 30 to April 7, they lost by six runs to the Celebrities X1 in a thrilling finish.

Playing at Desmond Haynes Oval, the Celebrities X1 amassed a whopping 177 for three off their 25 overs after they were sent in.

The topscore, ironically came from Danielle Small, the Assistant Coach of the Blind Cricketers, who hit an enterprising, unbeaten 55 off 65 balls including three fours.

Former Barbados and West Indies Women's player Pamela Lavine made 42 not off 60 balls with one boundary in a 122-run partnership with Small.

The opening pair of Dominic Drakes and Charlene Taitt took the score to 32 before Taitt was out lbw to Anthony Cummins B1 (totally blind) in the 4th over.

Small then came in to partner Drakes but a mix-up between saw Drakes losing his wicket 17 runs later via the run out route in the fifth over.

Jason King, playing in his first Blind game joined Small and was the last wicket to fall being brilliantly bowled by Tremaine Forte B3 (sighted player) for five with the score on 55.

In their turn at the crease the BBCA scored 171 for seven off their 25 overs.

Small was also brilliant in the field as she was involved in three of the five run outs which plagued the BBCA. Opening with John Reeves B3 and Anthony Cummins B1, Reeves was the first of Small’s victims being run out for nine with the score on 19.

Ten runs later Cummins B1 (totally blind) was Small’s second victim scoring 16 with one six. Mark Goddard B2 (partially sighted) was also run out 18 runs later by Taitt for 29 which included two fours.

Ricardo Manning B2 (partially sighted) came in to partner Granville Carter B1 and tried to steady the ship, but Carter became the 4th victim, bowled by Mark Seale for nought with the score on 96 in the 16th over.

With just under nine overs to go and another 81 runs to get, captain Halden Forde B3 came to the crease and he and Manning put together a 41-run partnership before Manning was lbw by Drakes for 32 of 41 balls which included two fours.

And just as you thought the run-out disease was nipped in the bud, Tremaine Forte 11, through a direct hit became Small’s last victim with the score on 156-6 in the 24th over.

Needing just 15 runs to win and captain Forde still at the crease, there was still some hope for the BBCA as he was joined by Kci Ward-Ryan, and, together in some sensible batting they took the score to 171 before Forde, too, was run out for 36 off 28 balls which included two fours on the last ball of the 25th over.



C Taitt lbw b Cummins B1                            8     (10 balls, 1x4)

D Drakes run out                                        22   (16 balls, 1x4)

D Small not out                                          55   (65 balls, 3x4)

+J King b Forte B3                                       5   (7 balls)

P Lavine not out                                         42   (60 balls, 1x4)

Extras (w32, nb13)                                    45

TOTAL (3 wks, 25 overs)                            177

Did not bat: *R Howard, M Seale, R Forte, C Gooding-Edghill. R Goring.

Fall of wickets: 1-32 (Taitt, 3.3 ov), 2-49 (Drakes, 4.4), 3-55 (King, 6.2).

Bowling: Manning B2 3-0-31-0 (w7, nb8), Cummins B1 5-0-33-1 (w2), Forte B3 4-0-26-1 (w1, nb1), Carter B1 4-0-15-0 (w5), Ward-Ryan B3 4-0-22-0 (w10), Bishop B1 1-0-11-0 (w3), Griffith B2 1-0-13-0 (w2, nb1), Forde B3 3-0-26-0 (w2, nb3).


J Reeves B3 run out (Small)                        9   (13 balls, 1x4)

A Cummins B1 run out (Small)                  16   (26 balls, 1x6)

M Goddard B2 run out (Taitt)                     29   (32 balls, 2x4)

R Manning B2 lbw b Drakes                       32   (41 balls, 2x4)

G Carter B1 b Drakes                                 0   (5 balls)

*+H Forde B3 run out (sub)                      36   (28 balls, 2x4)

T Forte B3 run out (Small)                        11   (8 balls)

K Ward-Ryan B3 not out                            2   (3 balls)

Extras (lb4, w26, nb6)                             36

TOTAL (7 wks, 25 overs)                          171

Did not bat: C Griffith B2, T Bishop B1, A Lowe B1.

Fall of wickets: 1-19 (Reeves B3, 3.6 ov), 2-48 (Cummins B1, 7.5 ov), 3-95 (Goddard B2, 15.1 ov), 4-96 (Carter B1, 15.6 ov), 5-137 (Manning B2, 21.1), 6-156 (Forte B3, 23.3 ov), 7-171 (Forde B3, 24.6 ov).

Bowling: Drakes 5-0-40-1 (w6), Seale 5-0-22-1 (w6, nb1), Lavine 5-0-30-0 (nb5), Small 5-0-36-0 (w7), Howard 4-0-27-0 (w5), Goring 1-0-12-0 (w2).

Result: Celebrities won by six runs.

Toss: Barbados Blind.

Umpires: Lawson Cummins, Carrison Henry.

Scorer: Stephen Proverbs.

Document Author Leslay Prescod
Date Published 2014-03-20
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