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Date Published: 2014-02-08 

Summary: Report, Scorecard

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Foundation Joel Garner Twenty20

Foundation 'A', Harrison College victorious in Joel Garner T20 tourney

Bridgetown, Barbados, February 8 - (www.bcacricket.org) - Defending champions Foundation 'A' Old Scholars and Harrison College Old Scholars both had significant wins as teams continued to jostle for quarter-final places in the Christ Church Foundation School Joel Garner Twenty20 tournament at Dover on Friday night.

In what is now a fairly competitive Lewin/Gilpin Jones Brothers Zone 'B', Harrison College Old Scholars kept alive their hopes of a place in the last eight with an eight-wicket demolition of newcomers Louis Lynch Old Scholars, while Foundation 'A' Old Scholars 'A' taught the current School side a lesson, triumphing by six wickets to record their second win in as many matches.

Foundation 'A' are on six points with Harrison College and Foundation School on three each and Louis Lynch yet to open their account.

The last preliminary matches in the zone are: Louis Lynch v Foundation School on February 19 at Dover and Harrison College Old Scholars v Foundation 'A' Old Scholars on February 21 at the same venue.

Chasing 110 in a match reduced to an 18-over-a-side because of rain, Harrison College got home in 12.4 overs.

Dane Taitt, who made 27 off 25 balls and Ronnie Griffith (16) added 52 in 7.1 overs for the first wicket before Griffith became a victim of medium-pacer Roland McConney.

Taitt and Armani Best then put on 51 in 4.5 overs before Taiit was bowled by McConney.

Best slammed 32 not out off only 17 balls including three fours and two sixes and along with one wicket and one catch, earned the Baron's Smokehouse $100 Player-of-the-Match, which was presented by Managing Director Collis Williams, himself a former student at Harrison College.

Louis Lynch scored 109 for nine off 18 overs after they were put in. Anthony Turton topscored with 27 off 13 balls including two sixes and one four at No. 9, while opener Michael "Stubby The Guard" Bowen made 25 off 22 balls and Dave Taylor, 16.

Former Barbados captain and West Indies all-rounder Ian Bradshaw took two for 13 with his left-am pace, skipper Marcel Murrell picked up two for 14 and his new ball partner, Michael Knight, two for 22 - all from four overs.

Later, the current Foundation team started disastrously as Barbados Under-17 and Under-19 team player Lee-Germon Gaskin was bowled by his national Youth colleague and up until the last BCA Intermediate division season, team-mate Jofra Archer.

They struggled all the way and were bowled out for 68 in 14 overs. Coach Nhamo Winn topscored with 22 off 19 balls and Barbados Under-19 team all-round Aaron Jones made 15.

Skipper and medium-pacer Michael Matthews took four for 16 off three overs and left-arm pacer Michael Holder, two for five off two overs. Two of Matthews' victims - Romario Hermas and Charles Skeete - were both brilliantly stumped down the leg-side by Renaldo Arthur, who had three stumpings all told, along with a run out.

It took the title holders 13 overs to finish on 69 for four. Amory Holder scored 24 off 20 balls and Arthur was unbeaten on 15, which along with his excellent glove-work earned him the Baron's Smokehouse $100 Player-of-the-Match prize.

Charles Skeete took two for 18.

The tournament continues on Monday, February 10 with Grantley Adams Old Scholars seeking their first win when they oppose Foundation 'B' Old Scholars at Briar Hall at 7 p.m.

Summarised scores of Friday's matches:

Harrison College Old Scholars beat Louis Lynch Old Scholars by eight wickets.

Louis Lynch Old Scholars 109-9 (18 overs) (Anthony Turton 27, Michael Bowen 25, Dave Taylor 16; Ian Bradshaw 2-13, Marcel Murrell 2-14, Michael Knight 2-22).

Harrison College Old Scholars 110-2 (12.4 overs) (Armani Best 32 not out, Dane Taitt 27, Ronnie Griffith 16; Roland McConney 2-21).

Points: Harrison College Old Scholars 3, Louis Lynch Old Scholars 0.

Toss: Harrison College Old Scholars.

The Baron's Smokehouse $100 Player-of-the-Match: Armani Best.

Umpires: Jonathan Blades, Mark White.

Scorer: Leslay Prescod.


Foundation 'A' Old Scholars beat Foundation School by six wickets.

Foundation School 68 all out (14 overs) (Nhamo Winn 22, Aaron Jones 15; Michael Matthews 4-16, Michael Holder 2-5).

Foundation 'A' Old Scholars 69-4 (13 overs) (Amory Holder 24, Renaldo Arthur 15 not out, Ricardo Yearwood 10; Charles Skeete 2-18).

Points: Foundation 'A' Old Scholars 3, Foundation School 0.

Toss: Foundation School.

The Baron's Smokehouse $100 Player-of-the-Match: Renaldo Arthur.

Umpires: Earl Collymore, Carson Howard.

Scorer: Leslay Prescod.



Harrison Old Scholars v Louis Lynch Old Scholars


B. Hinds b Knight                         0

M. Bowen c Best b Murrell           25

*Z. Motara lbw b Estwick              6

R. McConney lbw b Murrell            4

V. Nurse c Murrell b Best               6

D. Taylor run out (Bradshaw)       16

A. Turton b Knight                       27

J. Richards not out                      2

A. Alexander c Taitt b Bradshaw   0

S. Bryan b Bradshaw                   0

R. Holder not out                        1

Extras (b6, lb5, w9, nb2)            22

TOTAL (9 wks, 18 overs)           109

Fall of wickets: 1-2, 2-16, 3-38, 4-40, 5-59, 6-99, 7-106, 8-107, 9-108.

Bowling: Knight 4-0-22-2, Murrell 4-0-14-2, Estwick 3-0-34-1, Bradshaw 4-0-13-2, Best 3-0-15-1.


D. Taitt b McConney 27

R. Griffith c Turton b McConney   16

A. Best not out                          32

I. Bradshaw not out                    0

Extras (b3, lb2, w30)                 35

TOTAL (2 wks, 12.4 overs)        110

Fall of wickets: 1-52, 2-103.

Did not bat: M. Willoughby, J. Alleyne, M. Griffith, *M. Murrell, M. Knight, O. Estwick, A. Sealy.

Bowling: Motara 3-0-32-0, Alexander 1-0-6-0, Bowen 1-0-9-0, Nurse 3.4-0-27-0, Turton 1-0-10-0, McConney 3-0-21-2.

Result: Harrison College Old Scholars won by eight wickets.

Points: Harrison College Old Scholars 3, Louis Lynch Old Scholars 0.

Toss: Harrison College Old Scholars.

The Baron's Smokehouse $100 Player-of-the-Match: Armani Best.

Umpires: Jonathan Blades, Mark White.

Scorer: Leslay Prescod.


Louis Lynch Old Scholars - Zahir Motara (captain), Brian Hinds, Michael Bowen, Roland McConney, Vonrick Nurse, Dave Taylor, Anthony Turton, Jamel Richards, Ava Alexander, Stephen Bryan, Roger Holder.

Harrison College Old Scholars - Marcel Murrell (captain), Dane Taitt, Ronnie Griffith, Armani Best, Ian Bradshaw, Matthew Willoughby, Jeremy Alleyne, Michael Griffith, Michael Knight, Oliver Estwick, Andrew Sealy.


Foundation 'A' Old Scholars v Foundation School


L. Gaskin b Archer                        0

M. Howard b Farley                       2

*J. Drakes lbw b M. Holder            3

A. Jones c Archer b Matthews       15

+A. Forde st Arthur b M. Holder     0

N. Winn b Matthews                     22

C. Maynard run out (Browne)         0

R. Hermas st Arthur b Matthews     5

C. Skeete st Arthur b Matthews      3

S. Knight not out                          1

J. Dowridge run out (Arthur)          1

Extras (w12, nb4)                        16

TOTAL (all out, 14 overs)              68

Fall of wickets:n 1-0-, 2-4, 3-14, 4-14, 5-35, 6-39, 7-52, 8-60, 9-63, 10-68.

Bowling: Archer 3-0-7-1, Farley 4-0-27-1, M. Holder 2-0-5-2, Matthews 3-0-16-4, Clarke-Reifer 2-0-13-0.


R. Yearwood c Drakes b Skeete      10

*M. Matthews b Knight                    0

S. Browne c wk Forde b Skeete        5

+R. Arthur not out                        15

A. Holder b Jones                          24

D. Carter not out                            1

Extras (w10, nb4)                         14

TOTAL (4 wks, 13 overs)                69

Fall of wickets: 1-1, 2-19, 3-28, 4-68.

Did not bat: J. Archer, D. Farley, M. Holder, J. Yarde, C. Clarke-Reifer.

Bowling: Knight 2-0-6-1, Dowridge 2-0-9-0, Skeete 4-0-18-2, gaskin 2-0-15-0, Winn 1-0-16-0, Drakes 1-0-1-0, Jones 1-0-4-1.

Result: Foundation 'A' Old Scholars won by six wickets.

Points: Foundation 'A' Old Scholars 3, Foundation School 0.

Toss: Foundation School.

The Baron's Smokehouse $100 Player-of-the-Match: Renaldo Arthur.

Umpires: Earl Collymore, Carson Howard.

Scorer: Leslay Prescod.


Foundation School - Joshua Drakes (captain), Lee-Germon Gaskin, Michael Howard, Aaron Jones, Adrian Forde, Nhamo Winn, Carlos Maynard, Romario Hermas, Charles Skeete, Shakeel Knight, Xavier Dowridge.

Foundation 'A' Old Scholars - Michael Matthews (captain), Ricardo Yearwood, Shane Browne, Renaldo Arthur, Amory Holder, Dwight Carter, Jofra Archer, Damien Farley, Michael Holder, Jaibari Yarde, Chad Clarke-Reifer.

Document Author bcacricket.org
Date Published 2014-02-08
Division Foundation Joel Garner Twenty20
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