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Date Published: 2013-07-13 

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Sagicor Shield

URGENT: One quarter-final match in Sagicor General Shield tournament on hold because of protests

Bridgetown, Barbados, July 13 - (www.bcacricket.org) - Following is a Press release from the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) re two protests which have led to the postponement of one quarter-final match in the Sagicor General Shield 40-over tournament, originally scheduled for July 14:

On Thursday, July 11, 2013, the BCA received a protest indicating that Esso Tweedside Maxwell had fielded a player in the Sagicor General Shield competition who had not been transferred from the Club with which he played in 2012.

Investigations revealed that to date no transfer was received by the BCA for that player and in accordance with Regulation #15 of the BCA Special Conditions and Regulation of Play, Maxwell therefore would forfeit the games in which this player competed.

Based on the above, North Stars Cultural & Social would top Zone G of the Sagicor General Shield competition with 20 points.

However, Maxwell has protested the decision of the BCA and that protest has to be heard by the Complaints and Disputes of the BCA.

As such, the quarterfinal with Psychiatric Hospital scheduled to be played at the Pine Basin has been postponed.

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Date Published 2013-07-13
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