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Keith Holder

Inside the Sagicor Cup

with Keith Holder

Date Published: 2009-10-08 

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Sagicor Cup

Pine Basin to host Empire-Wanderers clash in Sagicor General Super Cup quarter-finals - Venues chosen

October 8 - (www.bcacricket.org) - Pine Basin is the venue for the quarter-final clash between champions ICBL Empire and Inspire Sports Wanderers in the 2009 BCA Sagicor General Super Cup (50-over-a-side) championship on October 18.

In the other quarter-finals, Guardian General Barbados Youth oppose ESA Field Pickwick at Queen’s Park; TeleBarbados Carlton meet BNB St. Catherine at Paragon and LIME clash with last year’s runners-up Sagicor UWI at Weymouth.

The venues - all neutral from the quarter-finals according to the Playing Regulations - were chosen this morning during a draw at a Press conference in the Hall & Griffith stand at Kensington Oval.

Empire topped Zone ‘B’ with a better net run rate of 0.629 than Carlton (0.500) after both teams finished with 20 points following the seventh and final round of preliminary matches on October 4.

The other two qualifiers from Zone ‘B’ were LIME with 16 points (NRR 0.215) and Pickwick 14 (0.001).

Barbados Youth won Zone ‘A’ with 24 points (NRR 0.986). UWI were second on 22 points (NRR 0.989), followed by St. Catherine 18 (NRR 0.207) and Wanderers 12 (NRR 0.097).

The semi-finals are slated for November 1 at venues to be determined and the final on November 18 at Kensington Oval.

The champions will receive $15 000, while the losing finalists pocket $8 000. Losing quarter-finalists earn $3 000; losing semi-finalists, $8 000.

The man-of-the-match awards are: quarter-finals ($400); semi-finals ($500) and final ($600).

Prize money for top individual performances will again be at stake. The Sir Garfield Sobers Most Outstanding All-rounder will earn $1 500 and the others $750. They are: Seymour Nurse (Batsman with most runs); Joel Garner (Bowler with most wickets); David Allan (Wicket-keeper with most dismissals); Collis King (Fielder with most catches) and Tony King (Most Outstanding Under-19 player).

All and sundry and reminded that the current Regulations do not make any provision in the event of a “Tie” or a “No Decision” in the knock-out section of the competition i.e. the quarter-finals, semi-finals or final.

In 2007, complete weekends were reserved for the playing of the quarter-finals and the semi-finals, with Sunday being a reserve day if play was not possible on the preceding Saturday. If there was a “Tie” or a “No Decision” the team which placed higher in the preliminaries advanced to the next stage.

In 2008 the format of the season changed and no reserve day was provided. The higher placed team in the preliminaries advanced if there was a “Tie” or a “No Decision”.

This method of determination was not in the Regulations but was a convention adopted for the Super Cup.

At a meeting held at the BCA on Thursday, August 20, 2009 with clubs taking part in the Super Cup competition, it was agreed that the current convention was acceptable for the determination of the quarter-final places, but not for places in the semi-finals.

Following extensive discussions with the representatives of the various participating clubs, it was unanimously agreed that in the event that there was no determination on the field of play, the following conditions would be observed in determining which teams would advance in the knock-out section of the competition for 2009:

Quarter-finals: The teams which will advance to the semi-finals will be the teams which placed higher in the preliminary rounds.

Semi-finals: The teams which will advance to the Final will be the teams which have the better Net Run Rate in the preliminary rounds.

Final: If the Final is not determined on the field of play in the first instance, the match will be replayed.

If the replay does not produce a result on the field the two teams shall be declared JOINT CHAMPIONS and share the monetary and other awards equally.

Final standings with points and net run rates:

Zone A – Guardian General Barbados Youth 24 (0.986), Sagicor UWI 22 (0.989), BNB St. Catherine 18 (0.207), Inspire Sports Wanderers 12 (0.097), Police 12 (Minus 0.280), Super Centre Spartan 10 (0.033), BDFSP 8 (Minus 1.535), Oran Carib/Bristol 6 (Minus 0.438).

Zone B – ICBL Empire 20 (0.629), TeleBarbados Carlton 20 (0.500), LIME 16 (0.215), ESA Field Pickwick 14 (0.001), Caribbean Lumber YMPC 12 (Minus 0.237), BRC BCL 12 (Minus 0.558), CGI Maple 10 (Minus 0.337), Banks 8 (Minus 0.211).

Document Author Keith Holder
Date Published 2009-10-08
Division Sagicor Cup

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Historical Batting Stats
Pos. Name (Club) MT I NO R HS AVE 100 50 Division
1. Kevin Stoute (Empire) 8 6 2 186 55 46.50 0 2 2016 Sagicor Cup
Historical Bowling Stats
Pos. Name (Club) MT O M R W AVE BB 5W 10W ER Tournament
1. Kevin Stoute (Empire) 8 47.0 1 234 16 14.63 4-45 0 0 4.98 2016 Sagicor Cup
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