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Elvis Howard

Inside the Under-13

with Elvis Howard

Date Published: 2009-09-11 

Summary: Report, scores

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Barbados NSC retain St. Kitts 13 and Under Festival with a clean sweep

September 11 – (www.bacricket.org) - Barbados National Sports Council (NSC) Under-13 team retained the St. Kitts Regional 13 and Under cricket Festival when they played unbeaten in the recently concluded tournament in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Barbados took the 25-over-a-side tournament with a maximum 18 points from their six matches. This was the sixth time in seven years the Barbadians won the tournament.

Barbados completed the double by winning the 10/10 competition.

The side was captained by Lee-Germon Gaskin of Foundation with Deswin Currency of St. Leonard's as the vice-captain.

Adrian Donovan, the assistant Director of Sports at the NSC was team manager. The coaches were former Barbados and West Indies fast bowler Milton Small and DaCosta Atherley, who played professionally in England for a number of years.

Garrison Secondary student Jafari Toppin was the Most Valuable Player in the League. He scored 230 runs and picked up eight wickets.

The consistent Romar Miller from St. Leonard's was the Most Valuable Player in the 10/10 competition.

Summarised scores of the matches in the League:

Match 1: Wednesday, August 19.

At Connaire Ground:

Barbados beat Antigua by 164 runs.

Barbados 229-2 (22 overs) (Jafari Toppin 85, Lee- Germon Gaskin 74; K. Tittle 2-29).

Antigua 65-6 (22 overs) (Avier Christian 34; Robert “Bobby” Cave 3-2, Ricardo Small-Boyce 2-6).

Toss: Barbados.

Man-of-the-Match: Jafari Toppin.


Match 2: Thursday, August 20.

At Warner’s Park:

Barbados beat Bermuda by three wickets.

Bermuda 133-8 (25 overs) (Charles Marshall 79; Jafari Toppin 3-21, Matthew Jones 2-19).

Barbados 134-7 (23.4 overs) (Romar Millar 56 not out, Deswin Currency 25, Akil Greenidge 16, Nicholas Kirton 11; Daje Minors 3-16, Cejay Outerbridge 2-24).

Toss: Barbados.

Man-of-the- Match: Romar Millar.


Match 3: Friday, August 21.

At St. Paul’s Ground:

Barbados beat Anguilla by six wickets.

Anguilla 129 all out (23.5 overs) (Kasen Thompson 29, Asham Hodge 17; Lee-Germon Gaskin 3-16, Jafari Toppin 2-23, Deswin Currency 2-13).

Barbados 130-4 (24.3 overs) (Jafari Toppin 54, Shaquille Richards 30).

Toss: Anguilla.

Man-of-the-Match: Jafari Toppin.


Match 4: Monday, August 24.

At Warner’s Park:

Barbados beat St. Kitts by 96 runs.

Barbados 151-6 (25 overs) (Romar Millar 51 not out, Shaquille Richards 27, Deswin Currency 18, Jafari Toppin 14).

St. Kitts 55 all out (18.5 overs) (Jermyer Louis 18; Robert “Bobby” Cave 5-13, Ricardo Small- Boyce 3-9).

Toss: Barbados.

Man-of-the-Match: Romar Millar.

Match 5: Tuesday August 25:

At Grove Park:

Barbados beat Nevis by eight wickets.

Nevis 132-6 (25 overs) (Sharare Ribard 41, Colin Archibald 26, Shakeel Williams 22; Nicholas Kirton 2-9, Jafari Toppin 2-23).

Barbados 133-2 (18.2 overs) (Jafari Toppin 66, Shakeel Richards 29, Lee- Germon Gaskin 12 not out, Akil Greenidge 11 not out).

Toss: Nevis.

Man-of-the-Match: Jafari Toppin.

Match 6: Wednesday, August 26:

At Warner’s Park:

Barbados beat Dominica by six wickets.

Dominica 144-6 (25 overs) (Kershaski Lewis 56, Chad Phillips 32; Hasani Newton 2-11, Ricardo Small- Boyce 2-20).

Barbados 145-4 (23.4 overs) (Lee-Germon Gaskin 35, Karon Bolden 28 not out, Romar Millar 17, Shakeel Richards 13, Ricardo Small- Boyce 12; K. Lewis 2-30).

Toss: Dominica.


Summarised scores in the 10/10 competition:

Match 1: Friday, August 28.

At Warner’s Park:

Barbados beat Dominica by 14 runs.

Barbados 88-1 (overs) (Romar Millar 55 not out, Lee Germon Gaskin 11 not out, Jafari Toppin 11).

Dominica 74-6 (10 overs) (Kimroy George 22, Shane Lewis 11, Dishon Joseph 11 not out; Jafari Toppin 2-20).

Toss: Barbados.

Man-of-the-Match: Romar Millar.

Match 2: Friday, August 28.

At Warner’s Park:

Barbados won by ten wickets.

Nevis 68-8 (10 overs) (Colin Archibald 18, Clyde Smithen 11, Shival Liburd 11; Robert Cave 2-11, Jafari Toppin 2-14).

Barbados 72-0 (6.2 overs) (Jafari Toppin 31 not out, Romar Miller 30 not out).

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