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Keith Holder

Inside the Sagicor Shield

with Keith Holder

Date Published: 2009-08-13 

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Sagicor Shield

Lodge to clash with Dover in Sagicor General Shield quarter-finals on August 23

August 13, (www.bcacricket.org) - Defending champions Nature Valley Lodge will oppose Old Brigand Dover in the quarter-finals of the 2009 BCA Sagicor General Shield 40-over-a-side championship on Sunday, August 23.

Lodge won Zone ‘H’ while Dover topped Zone ‘D’.

The other quarter-final matches on the same date are: ADC Builders Boscobelle (Zone ‘A’ winners) v Rocklyn Hardware Isolation Cavaliers (Zone ‘E’ winners); Coleridge & Parry (Zone ‘C’ winners) v ELD Belleplaine (Zone ‘F’ winners) and BRC (Zone ‘G’ winners) v BDF (Zone ‘B’ winners).

The matches will be played at neutral venues to be determined.

Following are the final positions with points and net run rates where applicable, as released by the BCA:

Zone A – ADC Builders Boscobelle 16 (NRR +1.777), Ince Transport MTW 16 (NRR +1.0308), Sunbeam Builders Benfica 12, HMPO 8, Malvern 6, CSOSA 2.

Zone B – BDF 16, Scotty’s King’s Park 14, Alexandra 12, St. Michael 12, Alleyne 4, Wibix 2.

Zone C – Coleridge & Parry 20, Combermere 16, Wotton 10, Market Hill 10, Standard 4, BNOC 0.

Zone D – Old Brigand Dover 18, Mount Gay North Stars 16, Earthworks Melrose 12, JOB & M Yorkshire 10, Caribbean Lumber Maxwell 4, YMCA 0.

Zone E – Rocklyn Hardware Isolation Cavaliers 20, Windward 16, Barbados Workers Union 8, Ellerslie 8, Barbados Fire Service 8, Queen’s College 0.

Zone F – ELD Belleplaine 18 (NRR +2.58), Valrico Foods Conrad Hunte 18 (NRR +1.804), Central 12, Ipswich 8, Barbados Community College 4, United 0.

Zone G – BRC 20, Crane & Equipment Brereton 16, Lords 12, PHD St. John Cultural 8, Carib Diamondshire 4, Psychiatric Hospital 0.

Zone H – Nature Valley Lodge 16, SJPP 16, Bayville 12, Lester Vaughan 8, Foundation 4, QEH 4. NB: Lodge had a better net run rate than SJPP after both teams had the same number of wins.

Document Author Keith Holder
Date Published 2009-08-13
Division Sagicor Shield

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