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Elvis Howard

Inside the Goddards School Division

with Elvis Howard

Date Published: 2009-05-02 

Summary: A look at teams in 2009 BCA Div. 1 season

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Goddards School Division

Police boosted by three former Barbados Under-19 players – BCA Div. 1 preview 2009

Bridgetown, Barbados, May 2 (www.bcacricket.org) - The 2009 Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) Division 1 championship, sponsored by Caribbean Alliance Insurance, starts on Saturday, May 9.

Sixteen teams will be again battling for the island’s most coveted domestic title.

It will unquestionably be a season of tremendous interest as the process of teams being demoted for the first time comes into effect.

The old round robin format of each side playing against the other will return following the zonal system, which was in place for the last three years.

Three teams will be demoted at the end of this season. One team will be promoted from the Upper Intermediate division for 2010.

The major objective is to reduce the number of Division 1 teams to ten by 2012.

Effectively, at the end of the 2009 Division 1 season, the last three teams with the exception of Guardian General Barbados Youth will be demoted. The Upper Intermediate champions will be promoted to Division 1 bringing the number to 14 for the start of 2010.

In 2010, three teams will again be demoted from Division 1 and the Upper Intermediate champions will be promoted, bringing the number to 12.

Then at the end of 2011, three teams will be demoted and the Upper Intermediate champions elevated to Division 1 where finally there will be 10 teams for the start of the Division 1 season in 2012.

At the end of the 2012 season only one team will be demoted per season.

Promotion and demotion will also occur throughout the other competitions in the Upper Intermediate, Intermediate and Division 2 where one team will come up and one will go down in their respective divisions.

Like their Division 1 counterparts, the Barbados Youth team in the Upper Intermediate division will be exempted from being demoted.

The BCA website will be previewing all of the First division teams. We start with Police.


Home Ground: Weymouth ‘A’.

Captain: Brian Corbin.

Coach: Leslie Reifer snr.

Manager: To be announced.

Position in 2008: 2nd in Zone ‘B’ - 59 points.

Matches played: 9. Won: 2; Lost: 0; Drew: 7; No-decisions: 0.

No. of players used: 20.

Highest Total: 322 all out (2nd Innings) v Empire at Bank Hall (Series 5).

Lowest Total: 96 all out (1st Innings) v Empire at Bank Hall (Series 5).

Last title: 1999.

IN: Roger Williams, Corey Glasgow, Prince Parris.

OUT: Callitos Lopez (overseas in Miami on cricket contract).

The new system of promotion/demotion could be a tricky one for Police. After dismal seasons in 2006 and 2007 where they placed last, Police had a commendable 2008. They led from the start until close to the end when eventual champions BNB St. Catherine took over and they had to settle for second spot in Zone ‘B’.

Police might be wondering why the system had to be implemented the year following their revival. It means, therefore, that they will have to strive for excellence in a season where there could be lots of twists and turns.

Their cause has been helped by the addition of three former Barbados under-19 players in wicket-keeper/batsman Corey Glasgow, along with Roger Williams and Prince Parris.

Glasgow, formerly of Wanderers, also played a couple first-class matches for Barbados. Williams comes over from BCL and Parris from Maple. Both are batsmen.

No praise can be too high for the inspirational Brian Corbin who led Police with a great deal of passion. He retains the position after an injury towards the end of last season. His 310 runs carried far more importance than the statistics reveal and he will again be an important cog in the wheel.

“I prefer the system where everybody play everybody because if you want to be the best you have to play everybody,” Corbin told the BCA website.

“Imagine that you can win a First division title without playing an Empire or Spartan who are two of the most successful teams in First Division cricket,” Corbin noted.

On the final placing for last season, Corbin remarked: “We came second in our zone but we don’t know if we came fifth or sixth (overall), whatever the case may be. The only positions that were defined were the teams in the final. There were no play-offs for the third or fourth position or all the way down to 16,” he said.

Looking ahead to the season, Corbin said: “Corey Glasgow is a very good wicket-keeper, who can give some runs in the middle and you can also utilize him at the top according to what sort of cricket you are playing. There is also Roger Williams, who represented Barbados at Youth cricket. They are two bright prospects. Prince Parris would have represented Barbados (at the junior level) as well but he dwindled off a bit. I hope he comes through the set up.

“Leslie Reifer snr is the coach and we have a real set programme this year and once we remain disciplined and focussed, I think we have a better chance than last year.”

In relation to promotion/demotion, Corbin said: “To play cricket from now to December is a lot of cricket and I think you need to shave some of the teams. I don’t think we will have to worry too much because I expect us to be up to the top fighting for the cup. Once the men remain disciplined and committed to the cause straight through, I don’t see any reason why we should be fighting relegation with the other teams.”

All-rounders Larry Babb and Callitos Lopez really need to use all their vast potential to aid Police’s cause. Last season, Babb failed with the ball (13 wickets) but made 356 runs including a maiden century.

Lopez, a first-class player for Barbados and recently Combined Campuses & Colleges (CCC), played a couple good innings and amassed 356 runs. He also and had some good spells with his fast-medium bowling that gained 16 wickets. However, he needs to spend considerably more time on the field to give the attack the depth it needs.

Antonio Mayers, one of the finest all-round cricketers in the island, showed his worth with 311 runs including a match-saving century in the second innings against Empire that earned a draw. He once more is vital to the whole scheme of things at Weymouth.

Others Police can call on to stay alive and keep in contention for a shot at the first prize are Rasheed Depeiza, Davien Branker and Leslie Reifer jnr.

Tyson Small took 19 wickets with his left-arm spin while new boy Depeiza had 17, bowling steady off-breaks.

Document Author Elvis Howard
Date Published 2009-05-02
Division Goddards School Division
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Featured in this Article: Brian Corbin

Historical Batting Stats
Pos. Name (Club) MT I NO R HS AVE 100 50 Division
1. Brian Corbin (Police) 3 2 0 21 19 10.50 0 0 2016 Sagicor Twenty20
2. Brian Corbin (Police) 2 3 1 31 30* 15.50 0 0 2016 Elite Division
3. Brian Corbin (Maple) 3 5 0 13 5 2.60 0 0 2014 Elite Division
4. Brian Corbin (Police) 6 11 0 163 36 14.82 0 0 2012 Elite Division
5. Brian Corbin (Police) 2 2 0 62 38 31.00 0 0 2010 Sagicor Twenty20
6. Brian Corbin (Police) 5 5 1 123 108* 30.75 1 0 2010 Sagicor Cup
7. Brian Corbin (Police) 13 24 1 318 35 13.83 0 0 2009 First Division
8. Brian Corbin (Police) 4 4 0 50 29 12.50 0 0 2009 Sagicor Twenty20
9. Brian Corbin (Police) 9 15 3 310 76 25.83 0 2 2008 First Division
10. Brian Corbin (Police) 7 6 0 141 48 23.50 0 0 2008 Sagicor Cup
11. Brian Corbin (Police) 9 17 1 472 102 29.50 1 1 2007 Banks First Division
12. Brian Corbin (Police) 6 6 0 197 58 32.83 0 2 2007 Sagicor Cup
13. Brian Corbin (Police) 11 17 3 207 47 14.79 0 0 1999 First Division
Historical Bowling Stats
Pos. Name (Club) MT O M R W AVE BB 5W 10W ER Tournament
1. Brian Corbin (Police) 6 7.0 4 19 0 0.00 0-0 0 0 2.71 2012 Elite Division
2. Brian Corbin (Police) 13 8.0 1 25 2 12.50 1-5 0 0 3.13 2009 First Division
3. Brian Corbin (Police) 4 1.0 0 8 0 0.00 0-0 0 0 8.00 2009 Sagicor Twenty20
4. Brian Corbin (Police) 9 14.0 1 66 3 22.00 3-46 0 0 4.71 2007 Banks First Division
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